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A Day To Remember!

... and we aren't referring to your wedding day!

We are here to talk about another "big day"! That's right-- the day you find your forever wedding dress! We are BIG advocates that this day should be as special as you want it to be, champagne and all. But you may think, how do I make this day as big + special as it seems? Well, we are here to give you some fun ideas of what to do before + after your appointment to really make the most of this monumental day while visiting us in Decorah!


The morning of your bridal appointment can be as exciting + active, or as laid back + relaxed as you want it to be! Luckily, we have both options for you! :)


- Whether you are traveling near or far, coffee is a must! We recommend grabbing a delicious pumpkin spice cold brew + a yummy treat from Millstreet Mocha on your way into town! This will definitely put you on the right track to a fun filled day.

- If you are as busy bee of a gal as we know you are, you are going to want to make the most of this trip with your gals! Luckily there is all kinds of fun shops to check out before your appointment such as Rendered Unique to check out any last minute wedding decor or bridal party gifts.

- OF COURSE a big day like this requires some adorable pictures with your crew! Decorah has you covered. Right before your appointment, be sure to swing by the fun mural on the left side of the Vesterheim Museum, located right across the street from us! A perfect way to capture your big day with the gals


- Love a slow, not rushed schedule? We have you covered! Luckily, Decorah offers some of the most stunning walking paths in all of Iowa. Start your day with a nice, slow walk around the beautiful Upper Iowa + along the bluffs to really bring you to the present moment. This could be solo, or with your bridal clan! Take in the views, have some good conversation, or just clear your mind before the hustle and bustle of this big day.

- If coffee is apart of your slow morning routine, we have just the place for you! Enjoy the coziness of Impact Coffee with their spacious lofted two story space, tasty custom drinks, + delicious Norwegian breakfast waffles.


Following your appointment, there can be all of the emotions! Excitement + giddiness hopefully being the main ones. There are two types of people following a big moment like this! We have just the things to do, depending on your personality. :)


- Love a big moment + any reason to celebrate? Us too! No better time to celebrate than when you find the perfect dress for your love story. Following your "yes to the dress" moment, we recommend taking your people to celebrate at The Landing for custom cocktails, tons of food options, + outdoor seating.

- Pop the champagne! Of course, champagne is always a yes from us. You bring the champagne, we'll bring the good vibes. Not to mention, once you are done celebrating with a toast, you can cross the street + pick up some preordered yummy desserts from Beyond The Bar.


- Do big moments overwhelm you? Don't love to have all eyes on you? We have just the perfect afternoon for you! Grab a quiet bite to eat alone or with a close friend or family member following your appointment at the new town fav, Blazing Star. Enjoy a special moment of peace to really take in this lovely day!

- This day is truly all about you, so why not finish it off that way? We love a good self care day, and think you would too! Relax + reflect at the truly peaceful Day Spring Spa. There is nothing quite like a good massage to really bring you back to yourself.


Whether you want a busy + glamorous day, or want slow + meaningful moments, Decorah has enough to do to offer both! Make your special day even better with friends, family, coffee, beautiful views, or reflective moments. <3



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