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A Wedding For Every Enneagram!

If you are like us-- you are enneagram obsessed. If you are unfamiliar with the enneagram scale, no worries! You are about to be obsessed!

Kidding, just a little. Before you go any further, though, feel free to go take this quick quiz to figure out what enneagram you are.


Okay, now that we have that covered, let's get to the fun stuff!

Here at The Dress, we know every bride is incredibly different + unique in their own ways. However, we did some digging to find fun wedding planning ideas that really compliment our gorgeous brides + their special days-- all based on their personality types! Fun, right? That's what we thought! Check out each enneagram type below + wedding ideas that may just speak to you on a personal level. :)

Enneagram One: The Perfectionist

One's are rational perfectionists. They love to have control, but thrive on relaxation. That being said, they will have a timeless and classic wedding that is well planned in advance, so they can enjoy every aspect of their day! They love all things sentimental + beautiful, so you are sure to see all of the gorgeous, simple decor on their wedding day.

Enneagram Two: The Helper

Enneagram two's are empathetic, sincere, and warm hearted. They are extremely kind, with a ton of friends who they go above and beyond for! That being said, their wedding is sure to be a blast for all involved with lots of snacks, exciting music, and all the whimsical decor. They are known as the "helper" so they will definitely be contributing to all the wedding day prep! Two's love their people, hard. As long as they have all of the special people in their lives by their side, they are happy.

Enneagram Three: The Achiever

Ambitious, energetic, + charming, three's are the go-getters. With a large social circle, they will likely have a large ceremony, with gorgeous details! Described as gentle and professional, they are sure to have a feminine chic style that is effortless. No wedding planner is necessary, three's have it covered! They have a special eye for detail + love getting things done, so you can expect to see elaborate (and maybe even DIY) decor at their wedding.

Enneagram Four: The Individualist

The enneagram four bride is the individualist. As the "romantics" of the enneagram, they adore love and affection, so an intimate wedding is perfect for them. In addition, they love to surround themselves with beauty, so all details of their wedding will be elegant and simple! Though the wedding may be small, it does shy away from unique details. Four's love a special moment, like a retro photo booth, live music, or made to order decor.

Enneagram Five: The Observer

A five is independent, innovative, and inventive. They are always asking questions, and wanting to understand their environment. That being said, they will be sure to hire the perfect crew to make their special day go smoothly (while also learning a thing or two from them). They love all small details, so give them all the lace, beads, and florals! They will no doubt want to relive this special day, so having the perfect videographer + photographer is a must.

Enneagram Six: The Loyalist

An enneagram six is known as the loyalist. They are very loyal to all of their friends and family, making them a great friend and partner! With a strong social circle, 6's are sure to have a large wedding party, that is sure to bring the fun! They are also very trusting and responsible, so hiring a wedding planner to arrange all the details is crucial. They will no doubt go for a bold + striking look + decor, as they never stick to the "status quo".

Enneagram Seven: The Adventurer

Spontaneous, versatile, and high spirited, sevens are the adventure seekers! They are the destination wedding goers and the non-traditionalists. They will be sure to have a one of a kind day, with all their favorite people there. With boho decor and laid back details, 7's are happy with the small moments a wedding day brings! Their dress will be one for the ages, with some fun+ eye catching accessories to tie the look all together. When you attend a 7's wedding, you will no doubt know it filled with gorgeous views, unique food + drinks, + a laid back schedule.

Enneagram Eight: The Challenger

Eights are confident + decisive. They love to control all aspects of a big event! Everything about their big day will be intentional + strategically planned. That being said, they will wow their guests with a choreographed first dance, a stunning indoor venue, and a big first look reveal. With one-of-a-kind decor, dress, venue, + florals, 8's go all out for their big day!

Enneagram Eight: The Peacemaker

The enneagram nine bride is easy going, accepting, and optimistic. They want to create harmony within their environment, so their day will be nothing short of peaceful. A 9 will have creative aspects at their wedding, like fun food trucks + custom made drinks. Their dress will be nothing short of unique, so give them all the intricate details! We hope you like sweets when attending a 9's wedding, because they will most likely have the best dessert table around!

...that is all NINE enneagrams. We hope you loved reading about all the different wedding ideas for all the different personality types, and we hope you read some that really resonated with you!

If you loved this blog post, head over to our Instagram and comment on our latest reel which enneagram you related most to. We would love to hear!



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