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All About *The Tux*

Updated: May 22, 2023

We started with *the dress*, and now we want to help you find *the tux*.

New to The Dress by Morgan Lynn is our tuxedo rental! Totally customizable to fit your tux needs for your wedding, finding the right tux for your guy has never been easier. We're here to set the record straight on our new service + answer all of your dying questions in regards to our tux rental process!

Q: Where can I book an appointment?

A: Great question! You can go to our website: and click the appointments tab. From there, you will select the Wedding Tuxedo Consult option and choose your day.

Q: What do I need to bring to our appointment?

A: Anything and everything that helps us see your vision! Whether that be a bridesmaid dress swatch, a picture of your dress, a mood board, inspiration pictures, etc. We love all of the things! Likewise, if you can't think of anything to bring and/or want us to lead the conversation, we can absolutely do that as well!

Q: How early should I have tuxedos ordered?

A: We are firm believers of the saying "the sooner, the BETTER" with anything in regards to wedding planning. We typically recommend coming in at least 2 months out to ensure that all members of the wedding party have their information included, leaving time for changes or adjustments.

Q: What color options are there?

A: We have tons of options to choose from, however our most popular are black, grey, and blue. Under those three colors there are many different shades, fits, + details to really make the tux your own.

Q: What is all included for the rental?

A: Similar to our color options, we also have many different tiers for rentals. Most (not all) of our tuxedo rentals include vest, tie, shirt, jacket, and pants. Some additional add ons include, shoes, pocket squares, and suspenders. Perfect additions to really make the look stand out!

Q: Are suits an option instead of tuxes? What is the difference between the two?

A: Absolutely! Though not as popular for weddings, suits are definitely available to both rent, and buy. The biggest difference between and tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Tuxedos have satin details such as satin faced lapels, satin buttons and a satin side-stripe down on the pant leg. Suits typically do not have any of these features.

Q: Are measurements included?

A: Most definitely! When you come in for your initial consult, we will be sure to grab the groom's measurements for his tux. From there, we ask that you either gather the rest of the wedding party's measurements (if they have them), or send them our way to get measured.

Q: When will the tuxes arrive?

A: The week of your wedding is when we will have the tuxes in hand. We recommend picking them up as early as possible, in case something needs adjusted. Luckily, the rentals are adjustable for sizing, so it is rare things do not fit!

Q: What promotions do you honor for tuxes?

A: We are so happy to be able to offer some great promotions for you + your future hubby! When renting 5+ tuxedo rentals for your wedding, the groom's is free! Not to mention, every bride who has purchased their dress with us will receive 10% off your whole tuxedo party order!

Q: How much can we expect to spend on a tux rental?

A: It truly depends on the tux, as well as any additions, but you can usually expect to spend around $180-250 per tux!

Q: Last question-- how soon do we need to have the rentals returned?

A: We ask that we get them back the Monday following the wedding.

We cannot explain how excited we are to help with yet another aspect of your beautiful day! Seeing the complete look + your love the day of the wedding makes us so incredibly happy and grateful that this is our job! <3

If you are considering booking a tuxedo consult appointment with us, we would love to chat! Please hop on the web and fill out an appointment, and we will take things from there. In the meantime, please check out to see everything we have to offer!



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