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Designer Spotlight: Casablanca Bridal

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

We are so blessed to work with so many wonderful designers, so we figured we should share a little bit about them with you! Our first designer spotlight is none other than the lovely Casablanca. This designer takes pride in their original designs + attention to detail. They specialize in making each gown unique with hand beaded designs, exquisite laces, + customizations to fit every bride's needs and wants.

In addition to this fabulous designer, they also have a younger sister brand, Beloved, that we also adore. Beloved was created with the younger, price-discerning bride in mind. Crafted with remarkable quality for the price point it serves, Beloved is the first bridal line in this sector that still offers a certain range of customizable options while maintaining affordability. The Beloved customer may resonate with a slightly more free-spirited and artistic sensibility, as opposed to the traditional elegance of Casablanca. We love carrying both, having the best of both options!

There are countless reasons why we love Casa, as well as the sister company Beloved, but we are here to name some of our *personal* favs below!


1. Customization is by far one of our favorite aspects about Casa! The customization option helps us to work with you to make sure your dress is your dress. For example, love that certain dress but want a raised hemline? Casa can do that! Don't love the neckline and want something more classic? Consider it done! Love sleeves, but can't seem to find any that suit you, add the sleeves! The options are endless. Whatever you dream up, Casa can fulfill.

2. A Moderate Price Point is the next thing we absolutely love about this designer. We aim to provide high quality, yet affordable dresses for all of our brides, and Casa helps us achieve that! Finding and creating your *perfect* dress is achievable with this lovely designer!

3. "A Midwest Size Chart" is another perk of Casablanca. By Midwest Size Chart, we mean these dresses allow more room in the hips, as well as inclusive sizing for every bride. These dresses were made for real bodies, and we love that! We want every bride to feel their best + be comfortable on their wedding day.

4. Matching Accessories. Need we say more? Another amazing service Casa offers is matching veils and removable sleeves for your dress! Not often can you find a brand that literally matches every detail down to the fabric to your dress for accessories. We love love love a matching veil look, or a whimsical removable sleeve!

5. Timeliness + Accuracy is by far our absolute favorite part about this designer! Not only do they nail just exactly what our brides want for their dress (customizations and all), but they also are always timely and always flexible! You tell us the date you'd like your dress by, and Casa works tirelessly to make sure it happens.


There it is, our first designer spotlight. We hope you enjoyed reading about one of our favorite designers, + all that they have to offer! As a store, we don't merchandise our product based on designer, however, if are interested in seeing our Casablanca line do not hesitate to ask!

Thanks for reading!



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