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First Comes Love, Then Comes..... Wedding Planning!

As the old saying goes, Marriage follows love, naturally. However, in between the two, there is one crucial step that can't be missed--- the wedding! And with a wedding, comes planning. Figuring out just what needs to be done & when it needs to be done can be quite overwhelming, however, we are here to help! Read below to see a timeline of planning simplified, to help you conquer all of your wedding planning tasks with ease.

12 Months Out-- Let the Planning Begin!

I know what you are thinking... "a year is plenty of time. I can wait!" We're here to tell you that the sooner you knock out the "big" things, the more reassured + less stressful the whole process will be. At the 12 month mark, we recommend conquering these major steps:

  1. Create Budget : This is the baseline for all your planning to follow. Having a budget established will help you to be both realistic + timely.

  2. Draft Guest List : Similarly to your budget, this is a crucial piece to have established for further planning. This will help to determine your venue, food, drinks, etc.

  3. Book Your Photographer : Though it may seem as if wedding photographers are in abundance these days, do not be fooled. Many of these photographers book out over a year in advance, + can be picky about what they take on! Finding a good match for what you are envisioning for both engagement photos + the wedding takes time and needs to be booked well before any shoots happen.

  4. Secure Your Wedding Venue : Ah, the dreaded venue search. Doing this a year out allows you to find options, discuss pricing, + solidify your dream spot. No rush, no panic.

  5. Last, but of course not least, Find + Order Your Dress : Finding *the* dress is probably already on your mind at this point, and we don't blame you! This is such a fun + exciting part of the process. Similar to booking your venue, finding your dress takes time. However, booking your venue is a one stop shop. Ordering a dress, making changes, + having alterations... that takes time. Like 6-8 months time. Our dresses are made to order, not made to fit-- meaning your dress is made for you. That being said, booking your appointment a year out is a great start! If for some reason you have a short engagement or need a dress sooner than expected, we have you covered. If by chance you find a dress that you love that fits you off the rack, you can purchase it then and there! Another option is finding a dress that is already in stock in your size + ready to ship. Either option is a great route to go if you are in a pinch! Being by appointment only, we will give you our full attention to learn your wants + needs, as well as your timeline!

Once the *big* things are finished, you can finally get down to finalizing all the unique details that make your wedding, yours.

At the 10 month mark, we suggest choosing your officiant, deciding on vendors (decor, florals, drinks, you name it), selecting your bridal party, + taking engagement photos with your hunny!

Time for the fun! Around the 6-8 month mark, you will be making all the fun decisions. Booking your glam squad, the honeymoon, sampling all the food + all the cake, ordering your wedding party attire, + purchasing wedding bands are on the agenda! This is also the time that you will want to make an appointment to figure out the tuxes needed for your future hubby + his best guys. This is where we have you covered!

Similar to bridal, we also are by appointment only for tuxes + suits! During your appointment, we will discuss all things color, fit, + details. Before coming in, we recommend having all the picture inspo. ready so we can perfectly match what you are looking for! It is also very helpful if you have a swatch of the colors you are wanting to match! We will also grab your fiancé's measurements so we have them when it is time to order. The best part? With a party of 5 or more, your his tux is free!

The *not* so little things are next up on the planning schedule, right around the 4 month mark! Choosing your wedding day fragrance (because why not have a scent you remember forever?), ordering your shoes + accessories, + booking your transportation are some details that shouldn't be overlooked!

Around the 2 month mark you can breathe easy, since you handled a majority of your planning early on-- go you! With 2 months to go, we recommend handling those final details such as writing your vows, sending out your invites, ordering gifts for your bridal party, + taking your dress in for dress alterations!

At 6 weeks out, you can really just enjoy yourself! Go on... have some wine, kick back at your bridal party, go out with your girls for your bachelorette, + grab your marriage license for the big day!

A month from your big day, just take an hour to finalize your headcount + confirm your vendor arrangements. Easy, peasy!

At about 2 weeks out, things start getting real! Have your final dress fitting, do your hair + makeup trial! Time to really visualize your whole look for your special day! Notice how the list keeps getting shorter and shorter... (;

....& just like that, it's here! Your special day is here! The week of we recommend a heavy dose of relaxation + prep to make you feel your best. Think-- spa day vibes. Nails done, a massage, a nice tan, all the above! The only thing left to do is pick up your dress + the tux rentals, & you are ready to walk down the aisle!

We hope this helped ease your mind if you are a bride-to-be planning the big day! Our best advice is to just take one task at a time, + enjoy the process as much as possible.

This is such a special time in life, & should be memorable + fun! When push comes to shove, we know some people you can call for advice! (;



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