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Mom, thanks for always!


  1. a person’s mother or one’s mother. a term of endearment used to refer to a woman or girl who is admired.

  1. beautiful or stylish; amazing; to be admired.

  1. to act as a mother toward; act maternally toward, sometimes in an excessive way

  2. to refer to (an admired woman or girl) as “mom”

Now being a mom myself, my gratitude, understanding, and appreciation for all mothers, including my own, has grown so much.

Mom. The one who loves and cares about us oh so much! Sometimes she may ask too many questions, sometimes she may hold us too tight, and sometimes she may even do something we didn't ask her to. But it is just because she cares so hard and so deep!

Mom's + Grandma's + Motherly figures are all to be celebrated! I always compliment the brides that allow their mothers + grandmothers to be a part of their dress shopping experience, because some brides don't have all those motherly figures to celebrate this exciting time of their lives with!

Brides - I know your momma may be a pain point as you are trying to navigate and plan a wedding. You may be tired of her inputting her ideas and opinions, but I have a few tips on how to involve her in this planning process.


She is patient with you, be patient with her in return. Just like she will listen to us when we have a great idea or are frustrated + mad + sad. Be the listening ear in return. She is going to ask questions you don't have answers for. That is OK. She is just asking because she cares. Listen to her question and her possible solution. She may have an idea you didn't think about. And she may even be willing to take that task off your plate.

Ask for her opinions.

Even though she isn't planning a wedding in 2022, she has been at the same stage of life as you. She understands where you are coming from. She may keep her thoughts and ideas inside until she is asked, so ask her. Ask her for advice. Ask her for her thoughts. She knows this is your special day and she wants everything done to your standard. But let her share in your special day, because sometimes as hard as it is to admit, it is just as much her special day! This is a huge milestone for her as it is for you!

Help her in return.

When it comes to helping your mom find the perfect attire for your wedding. Help her feel beautiful + confident! She deserves it. Take time to shop with her. She was your hype girl, now do that for her in return! Talk through options, she needs that reassurance and guidance!

I know, I know. Our relationships with our moms aren't always sunshine and rainbows. We aren't always going to see eye to eye, we aren't going to agree on everything, but no matter what, our mommas are always going to be there for us! Big big love for all moms + grandmas + motherly figures on this Mother's Day celebration!

XOXO - Morgan

**Thoughts + hugs to ....

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