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Say Yes To The *Style* Of The Dress

Hey all, Michaela here! I joined The Dress by Morgan Lynn back in January, and am here to help with all the creatives + more! Having an Apparel Merchandising and Design degree, I want to chat a little about the different silhouettes of wedding dresses, and all the information you need to know before your appointment.

Picture this: the day has finally come to find your dream dress for your dream day. You are giddy + excited, and have all your favorite people by your side. Where to begin?

During your appointment, one of the first questions we will ask is what type of silhouette are you imagining for your big day? We love to hear all of your hopes and dreams right from the start, so we can do our best to make those happen! However, sometimes our plans can take a small detour and lead to something even better than we could imagine. Having an open mind + a little context on the different dress styles we offer will help to find you everything you are wanting in a wedding dress! Without further adieu, let's introduce you to our lineup of beautiful silhouettes to choose from, and all the details about them!

The A-Line:

We don't call this shape amazing for no reason! The A-Line Silhouette is characterized by a fitted waistline and flared skirt, with an easy + breezy, comfortable fit. Not only is it insanely comfortable, but also incredibly flattering for all body types with a beautiful accentuated waistline. The best part? The A-line silhouette comes in endless styles, so whether you are wanting a glam moment, or something more simple, we can find dress for you!

The Fit + Flare:

Close your eyes and picture your perfect wedding dress. Does it highlight your waist? Skim over your hips? Have some flare + a wider bottom? Well we have the perfect silhouette for you. The Fit + Flare style is a classic + flirty option, with the main focus being on the hips! This style of dress is stunning on all body types, but especially on hour glass figures. A fit + flare fits more snuggly than an A-line, but still has quite a bit of movement, making it a very comfortable option! This dress silhouette is very versatile as you can find endless styles of the fit + flare. With sleeves, or without. Embellishments or minimalist. Exaggerated flare or subtle. Lace or sparkle. The options are endless!

The Ball Gown:

Ah, the ballgown. Every little girl's dream! The ball gown silhouette has a fitted bodice with a voluminous skirt, and is gorgeous on all body types. This shape slightly camouflages the hips, waist, and midsection, while drawing the eye to the detailed bodice and full skirt. Worried about being weighed down, but desperately wanting a ball gown style? No worries! Many ball gown silhouettes come with a hook on the back of the dress to lift off the ground and secure while dancing. The beauty of the ball gown is that it can come in all kinds of variations, with different fabrics! From a tiered design, to an all satin gown, this style of dress is timeless!

The Mermaid:

Hello curves! The Mermaid Silhouette allows you to show off all of your curves and feel sexy + beautiful on your big day. This style of dress is fitted to the knee, with a flared bottom to the floor. Mermaid wedding dresses look best on slender or hour glass body shapes, due to the dramatic fit. Though these dresses are beautiful, they are less functional + comfortable to move about in compared to the other silhouettes. With the tighter fit to the knee, it can really restrict movement on your big day. Nevertheless, if comfort isn't your biggest concern, this dress silhouette is perfect for an elegant + dramatic moment.

... and that's our lineup! We hope you enjoyed reading all about the different silhouette styles and what makes each one so unique. We believe all brides look best in whatever they feel best in, and we truly mean that! But, if you need help figuring out which dress styles to try, you know who to call! (;

Until next time..

XOXO - Michaela

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