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The *Finishing Touches*

You have your dream dress, you have your dream love, while planning your dream wedding. Now is the time to add on all of your finishing touches to complete your dream day! Here are our top 5 tips on choosing your accessories for your wedding day.

1. Silver or Gold?

When first choosing your accessories, we always suggest you start with the simple question. Silver or Gold? We recommend choosing an accent that matches the details on your dress to compliment your uniquely beautiful gown. If you do not have any silver or gold accents, we then recommend choosing which metal fits your skin tone and/or the color of your dress.

2. Jewelry

When choosing jewelry, it is very important to consider your dress's neckline. Let the dress do the talking! Your accessories are there to complete the look, not be the star of the show. If your dress has a sweetheart or strapless neckline, we recommend a shorter necklace or statement earring. With a halter or higher neckline, try a hair piece with jewels, pearls, or vines. A diamond stud earring is a great addition to this look.

3. Let's Talk About Veils!

There are a few things to consider when choosing your veil. The first, and most obvious being, your dress!

With a heavily embellished dress, you can go one of two ways. For the bride who wants to have a total princess moment, you can continue this glam look with a classic, raw edge cathedral with crystals scattered all around to really sparkle when you walk down the aisle. Or, to go the more simple route, we suggest a veil with minimal matching beadwork along the edge.

With a more simple, but equally stunning dress, an angel cut veil trimmed in lace or with simple pearl details is a perfect touch! The spiral of the edge will give you a more dramatic look and feel.

A Dress with a statement back think sheer + chic! We also recommend steering clear of multiple layers of fabric, as it could take away from the beautiful details of your dress. To add a little sparkle, we suggest adding a fun hair piece to the base of the veil. This will give you more glam, as well as adding to your hair when the veil is removed after the ceremony.

4. Be Yourself

The most important rule of thumb when picking your accessories is to remember to just be yourself! When deciding on any aspects of your day, just remember it should be a reflection of you. If heavy jewelry bothers you, skip it! If you have a glamorous dress but still want glamorous details, pick them! These decisions are all about you and what you want.

5. Don't Overthink it + Don't Get Overwhelmed!

If choosing your accessories is starting to feel more overwhelming than finding your dress, take a break and narrow your search! Find one piece you absolutely love, and stick with that. All the other details will fall into place following.

We hope these tips help you when it becomes time to find all of your finishing touches! & don't forget, we have all of these stunning pieces for sale The Dress by Morgan Lynn, so if you ever want hands on help, you know who to call!



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