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The "Love-iest" Year of Them All

When you think of 2022, what comes to mind? Is it the year we finally stopped wearing masks? Or the year that Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at The Oscars? How about the year of LOVE?

According to the Wedding Report, 2022 will have approximately 2.5 million weddings this year alone. With thousands of covid cancelations over the last two years, the wedding industry is set to be at a record high for weddings since 1984!

I know what you are thinking-- how exciting! Love celebrated at last. We wholeheartedly agree! However, being in the wedding industry, this surge in weddings does change the game for many blissful couples looking to squeeze in their pre-nuptials before the year-end. Our saying for planning a wedding this year is, "the sooner, the better!"

With all the commotion of the wedding "boom" it is easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious during your planning process. But, have no fear, according to the Wedding Report, 87% of couples say they are not having any issues finding what they need or want. However, 10% of couples reported higher prices prior to the pandemic and 5% of couples reported having a hard time finding a venue for their date.

Where to even begin, you ask? We are dying to help put your mind at ease with some tips for planning your wedding this year!

  1. Make a list with your significant other! What are your absolute musts? From there, you can narrow your search for all the things, and tackle your non-negotiables.

  2. Have flexibility. Instead of basing everything around a date right away, base your date around your venue. Once you tackle your venue, everything from there is on your timeline.

  3. Schedule your dress appointment, second to the venue. Finding *the* dress should be a relaxing and fun process. That being said, getting in sooner rather than later alleviates extra stress for shipping delays and adjustments, while also giving you more time to make a decision! But, if you are on a tighter timeline, we are happy to help!

  4. Consider all options. Large wedding? How about the acreage your family owns. Small wedding? A winery has just the right amount of charm. Try to look from all angles vs just immediately turning your head at "Wedding Venue" marketing. Sometimes your perfect wedding is right in your own backyard.

  5. Lastly, ask for help! This truly can be the hardest of them all. I personally know how difficult loosening the reigns and asking for help can be, but sometimes it is necessary. Lean into the industry professionals, we are here to help and are always happy to answer any questions! If we don't know the answer or have the solution for you, we will know who to get you in contact with! Asking for help can also include hiring a planner to help you navigate all the options and help put your dream into action! The Wedding Nest is a great local resource. Morgan is a wealth of knowledge and offers a variety of packages to fit your needs!

....PHEW. We are glad we got that off of our chest + hope you enjoyed these tips for being a part of the Love-iest Year Of The All!

Happy Planning + see you next week!

XOXO - Morgan

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