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What Is A Sample Sale?

You may have seen us chatting about our sample sale recently and thinking to yourself, "wait... what is a sample sale anyway?" No worries! We are here to give you all the details on this lovely sale and how we are looking to find dresses their "forever bride".

To continue making room + keeping the newest dress options in our store, The Dress by Morgan Lynn offers a few sample sales a year. This "sale" consists of finding our beautiful samples forever brides looking for a dress at a great price!

So.. What IS a sample dress?

A sample dress consists of the dresses we keep in store for brides to try on when finding their dream dress. We cycle dresses out based on length of time they have been with us!

What sizes are these dresses typically?

Sample dresses are cut for brides who are 5"9, and range from sizes 6-22. Compared to ready-to-wear clothing, bridal dresses do typically run small. Don't know your bridal size? No worries! This is not necessary when shopping our sample sale. During your appointment, you will be free to try on any dress, and of course, alterations are always an option if you want to purchase your dream dress off the rack!

How "on sale" are we talking?

It truly depends on the dress! Some of these sample dresses have been tried on very minimally, some more than others, and some not at all. That being said, we offer up to $500 off the sample dresses, the amount dependent off on the dress. On top of this amazing sale, we also have 15% off all earrings, veils, and hair pieces to complete your look!

Do I have to shop just the sample

sale in my appointment?

Absolutely not! The store is yours to shop and see what you like. If it happens to be a sample sale gown, YAY! If not, still YAY! If you find a sample gown that is way too small or big, don't sweat it! We can absolutely order you it in your size.

What Does A Sample Sale

Appointment Look Like?

A sample sale appointment looks no different than any other appointment with me! You have 90 minutes of my undivided attention, with the store all to yourself and whatever guests you would like to bring. This is your day to find your special dress, and we will do everything we can to make it just that!

Do I Get To Take The Sample

Dress Purchased Home?

Absolutely! If you find a sample dress that you love, it is yours to keep. We do not hold sample sale dresses, so be ready to take your beautiful one-of-a-kind dress home with you!

Sounds pretty great, right? We agree! Luckily, we still have a few slots available for our sample sale that is happening July 16th-23rd, so don't forget to book your appointment today! We can't wait to work with you and find your dream dress, for a great deal.



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