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I've always said there is no such thing as a silly question. If you have met me, you know I am the queen of asking questions! I love asking questions to get to know you and your ideas for your wedding. Over the past year and a half of business, I have been asked a variety of questions from personal, to business, to curiosity-related, and more! That being said, I am super excited to bring you this week's blog post and share some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers!

Q: Do you carry mother dresses?

A: Unfortunately I do not. I specialize in bridal! However, I am always more than happy to talk through ideas for the mother's. I always feel for the mothers and know how challenging it can be to find something that they look and feel confident in. My rule of thumb is just that-- help your mother find something that she looks and feels confident in and that will complement the colors of the bridal party. Also when dressing your mother be sure to consider what other colors the family members will be wearing for family photos

Q: What is your favorite part of owning a bridal store?

A: I could write a whole blog post on this but, to keep it concise, my favorite part is truly working with beautiful women! From brides to mothers to bridesmaids, it's always such a positive and exciting part of a woman's life. I'm beyond honored and humbled to be selected to be a part of it!

Q: If you could pick one dress to get married in which dress would it be?

A: I would pick the dress I got married in any day! I always laugh because women think that I'm going to pick out the newest dress. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the dresses that I have in my store, but the dress that I wore on my wedding is so special to me because it was my dress and I've never regretted my decision!

Q: Which dress in your store is your favorite?

A: I love this question! This question gets me so excited because honestly every dress in my store hold a special place in my heart! I handpick each and every dress in each color and in each size. When I am selecting them, I envision a specific bride in that dress. So when I say I truly have a hand pick my collection with you in mind, I mean it! I truly have a personal connection to each and every one of these dresses. Once a bride has selected her dress, that dress now becomes that bride's dress in my mind. I always think of that bride when I pull the dress, see it on another bride, put it on the mannequin or take a photo of it for social media!

Julie at her seamstress shop, Sew Happy. Robin, another wonderful seamstress in town!

Q: Do you offer in house seamstress work?

A: When I opened in October of 2020, there were already two established seamstresses in the Decorah area with in-home studios! I recommend all of my brides to them. They truly work magic and I whole heartedly trust them for your bridal needs!

Q: Do you try all the dresses on?

A: Yes and no! If and when I do it's to be able to see and feel how that dress looks and fits so when I'm helping brides I know how that dress is gonna lay, where it should hit, and how it feels.

Q: What are the price points of your dresses?

A: Dresses start at $900, and I don't have many dresses over $2,500. Having said that, our average dress is around $1,500. I try really hard to carry a moderate price point to accommodate the modern + midwest bride!

Q: What does the process look like for selecting men's formal wear for our wedding?

A: Okay, again love this question! I haven't covered too much information about tuxedos yet. I am very excited to now offer tuxedo/suit rentals for weddings! I try really hard to make this process seamless and easy for the bride and groom!

  1. The first step is to request a tuxedo consult appointment! The couple will come in and we will just simply chat about what desired look they are going for. We will talk through options and we will make selections on what the gentleman will wear.

  2. From there we work to collect measurements from all the wedding party. We want these measurements secured at least 6 weeks before the wedding!

  3. Lastly, you just have to pick up, and return! The rental pieces come in the week of the wedding, and we ask for them back the week following.

I could answer questions for days and I absolutely love all of the questions that we received when we were working to put this blog together! & if we happened to not get to your questions, as always feel free to reach out via email at and/or check out our website and social media pages for any other information in regards to requesting an appointment, selecting your bridal gown, and tips and tricks when preparing for your appointment!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!



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